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Critical Thinking



Brandon Miller Professional Speaking Appearance

Business Development

In 2016, I founded a goalkeeper-specific soccer brand that sells goalkeeper equipment and apparel as well as providing training services and online guidance.

  • Increased product revenue by almost 40% and overall revenue by just over 52% over the past three years.

  • Cultivated partnerships with multiple local and national partners as well as individual athletes around the country.

  • Executed marketing strategy across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

  • Google Data Studio expert

  • Digital Marketing Certified




In 2018, I co-founded and managed an indoor soccer facility which provided training services for youth, collegiate, and adult soccer players.

  • Led a staff of five coaches handling all scheduling, payroll, communications.

  • Directed all business operations including budgeting, financial reporting, and marketing strategy.

  • Spearheaded customer relations and outreach to grow brand awareness and increase customer base. 

04_Business Operations

Brandon Miller Professional Speaking

07_Brand Development

Marketing Strategy

In 2023, I took on the role of lead generation and retention specialist at a soccer non-profit organization. My goal was to increase leads for diversity initiatives, maintain engagement, and develop messaging for marketing efforts. 

  • Designed and managed all email campaigns and flows.

  • Created a comprehensive, integrated lead generation strategy that utilized multiple mediums to reach potential participants.  

  • Helped plan and execute in-person coaching education events.

06_Social Media Management

In 2022, I joined a digital media agency as an operations manager and marketing specialist. Taking on this role has allowed me to sharpen my marketing skills in a number of different areas while also consulting with various businesses on overall business strategy. 

  • Manage day-to-day operations of the business.

  • Handle influencer management, email marketing, and content creation for clients.

  • Lead client budgeting to ensure financial projections are being met.  

05_Integrated Media

Project Management

In 2020, I became a co-founder and board member of a nonprofit organization with a mission to address inequity issues within the sport of soccer. We utilize a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion framework and tailor it to the needs of the organizations we work with. 

  • Educational lead overseeing the development of DEI modules in our learning management system. 

  • Case manager for individual soccer clubs helping to design, integrate, and implement DEI strategic plan

  • Assessing progress on all DEI initiatives monitoring club impact. 

08_Impact Assessment

In 2020, I co-founded a nonprofit organization with over 100 members. Our main priorities are increasing access, creating more opportunities for minorities, and put diversity at the forefront of soccer. 

  • Executive Director leading all daily operations, weekly meetings, and project development.

  • Led projects with key partners like Puma, Roughneck Scarves, and other national nonprofits. 

  • Prioritized local and national initiatives to maximize visibility and impact. 


Brandon Miller Project Management

10_Quality Control

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